5 Easy Social Media Marketing Tips for Local Restaurant Owners

January 9, 2018 Alex Tressler No comments exist

Owning a restaurant is more than just serving food to people. It’s about creating an atmosphere, cooking great food, and getting customers to come back again and again.

A restaurant is a social atmosphere and should be on social media to engage with customers. Like and comment on the photo’s that they tag your restaurant in, respond to every review (the good and the bad), and upload photos and/or videos every day.

It’s no mystery that social media is now an important part of any business. Especially for a restaurant! Here are a few reasons why:

  • 88% of people will look at reviews before deciding to eat at a restaurant they’ve never visited – Sprout Social
  • Pictures are worth 1000 words. Video is worth MORE!
  • It keeps your restaurant on top-of-mind when you post daily

So, what can you do? Here are 5 easy social media marketing tips for your restaurant.


Fill out everything! EVERYTHING!

The about section. The story section. Your website, phone number, address, if you take reservations, type of food you serve, etc. Everything. People don’t like to search for this information.

Your profile picture should be your logo, and the cover art should showcase your restaurant or menu items. People like to see the location of the restaurant and the food you serve.


I like pictures and videos, just like every other person on the internet. How about you? Skip the text posts that says “Our special today is no-one-cares-im-not-reading-this-post-anymore.” ß Did you read that? Neither did your customers when you posted it on your Facebook feed.

Be entertaining (with a video). Ask questions (about a picture). Show them what you serve (with a picture). Stay away from text posts!

The Facebook algorithm isn’t a fan of text anyway, which means your organic reach will be VERY small compared to your picture posts.

PRO TIP: Use Canva to optimize your picture dimensions, and to create beautiful pictures.


Don’t stop reading yet! I know you hate advertisements. I do too, and I’m an advertiser. But when you use social media marketing correctly, people love it!

How can anyone love advertisements? Easy. Don’t make it look like an advertisement.

Restaurants should advertise their daily posts every day to their engaged fans. Create content that will get them to like, comment, or share your post. For restaurants, that’s easy. People love seeing pictures of good food, or videos on how to make a cocktail, or their favorite appetizer.

For basic advertising, set the audience 5-10 miles from your restaurant, target the age range of your current customers, and advertise the posts.


You set up your Facebook and Instagram accounts and are posting beautiful pictures. People are starting comment on your posts. Now what?

Talk to them!

If they say, “I love the shrimp! It’s my favorite dish.” Then respond to them with “Thanks, Tina! Our chef does an amazing job, and I’ll let him know you enjoy the shrimp. Are you a fan of the fried or grilled shrimp?”

See what I did there? I started a conversation. People love interacting on social media… that’s why it’s called SOCIAL media.


Remember when I said 88% of people will look at reviews first before they go to your restaurant? It’s true. I’m sure you even look at reviews before you visit a place or make a purchasing decision.

Respond to all the reviews you receive on every social media channel (Facebook, Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, FourSquare, etc.). People will look at how you handle the negative reviews, as well as see how personable you are with your positive reviews.

Writing “Thank You” after someone gives you a 5-star rating is pretty lame. Don’t do that. Be more authentic and genuine. They are, after all, the reason you’re in business.

Listen, we know how stressful it can be for a restaurant owner to start doing their own social media marketing. It’s a full-time job itself. If you need help, schedule a time to chat with us and we will help guide your business to success.

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