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It all started with my dog, Casie. We were at a well-known, big brand, grooming service that has been visited on multiple occasions, yet Casie was so scared, she started shaking. I decided to leave and get her bathed at a local pet-grooming business so that the groomer never changed and gave my dog a chance to get to know them.

This led me to look for all kinds of local small businesses that had better service, better quality, and better prices than the big brands did. Sadly, most companies did not catch my attention like food does to Casie because they did not use social media, or keep up with their Google reviews, or even optimize their local SEO. Are they thriving? Are they bringing in new customers? Are they still open for business? How else are they supposed to lure me in if a food trail isn't provided?

The owner of Marketing Guide Dog, Alex Tressler, is an Air Force veteran with over 13 years of military service. He is dedicated to protecting your freedoms so you can pursue your calling. He fought for your dreams, and now wants to help you build it.

Casie: Mascot

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Alex: Owner


At Marketing Guide Dog, we are dedicated to helping customers find you! With a digital marketing strategy, a top-notch brand story, and a lot of treats, you'll soon have a stampede of customers coming to you!

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