Stop Spending Money and Time on Social Media Management

November 17, 2017 Alex Tressler No comments exist

Managing your business’s social media presence is a big waste of time, particularly for small business owners.

What is your expertise? Your products or services! If you run a moving company, nutrition store, home remodeling company, or are a restaurateur, you probably don’t have time to keep up with your social media pages, let alone keep up with the ever-changing trends and strategies.  Ask yourself the question, “What is my return on my social media investment and time?” If you’re trying to do it yourself, you’re probably wasting your time and money.

“But Alex, I’m using an outside agency to help me manage my social media.”

If you’re using an outside agency for social media management, I’m willing to bet that you haven’t seen any real ROI. It amazes me how many small businesses will have a manager taking care of their social media, or hire an outside agency just to post content with no marketing strategy. What is it doing for you? How’s it really working out?

Here’s a bold statement coming from a digital marketing agency – you are probably paying them too much money. If you’re spending more than $500 per month to have an outside agency manage your social media, you’re spending too much.

 “They’re always on Facebook, so they understand it.” 

That couldn’t be further from the truth! There is a massive difference between someone who scrolls through social media and posts daily on their feed vs. someone who uses the business manager and posts content that is relevant to your business, gets fans to engage with the posts, increases your brand awareness, and even gets customers through your door.

Anyone can post on social media. But few understand how to use social media to drive new leads and sales into your business.  Few can look at your business and strategically outline a marketing funnel to bring you more engagement, more traffic, and more customers.

Click here to request a complimentary social media analysis, and you’ll be taking the first step so you’ll never waste your time and money again.

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